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Nunan Florist Georgetown MA experts in flora!

Premier Florist in Georgetown MA. Serving Boxford, Byfield,Bradford, Danvers, Georgetown, Groveland, Haverhill, Ipswich, Middleton, Newburyport, Rowley and Topsfield and West Newbury with Floral arrangements, flowers, plants, garden gifts, fruit and gourmet baskets.


  • Visit our greenhouses and get a fix of flowers, blooming and green plants are ready for your selection. Fresh flowers such as hydrangea, peonies and roses are here to brighten your days. Planning a wedding? Now booking for 2010-11 dates. Nunan florist is your floral specialist and when it comes to sympathy work we will fill your orders with care.
Nunans can help you plan a party and bring your theme to life!

If you are having a party this summer and you want to make it really special, don’t forget nature’s bounty of cut flowers.  Working with the designers at Nunans you can collaborate and bring your party to life. There is no other detail that shows your guests that you are the master of your soirée.

Hosting a rehearsal dinner? Try creating a tropical paradise. Simply add just a few stems of dendrobium orchids in a cylinder vase.  For a statement arrangement: place stems of bright colored and unusual heliconia or anthurium with one or two large beautifully patterned leaves like banana or monstera to create a stunning display. Pour a bit of sand and a few shells at the base of your design and you are all set for the steel drums!

You can easily create a Moroccan theme on your table by scattering multicolored silk scarves across your table and adding in an arrangement of Mokara orchids. Try grouping velvety red roses, purple lisianthus and orange carnations in low bowls to add the feel of bowls of treasure and spice. The rich bold colors and textures lend themselves to a feeling of opulence. Dim the lights and place about a dozen or so candles on the table and you have a setting that would be fit for the Prince of Persia.

Another fun party could be themed around the different seasons! You can accent one room with an arrangement consisting of tulips, green grass and daisies for spring. Lay out several pairs of sunglasses and have guests wear them as they look at arrangements made of sunflowers. In another room, scatter artificial fall leaves on a table and group different sized pumpkins around vases of orange roses. Feature winter in room with vases of all white flowers like larkspur or stock, nestled these vases in mounds of  rock salt…..it looks just like crushed ice….but no mess. Place white branches in French flower pails and you could provide mittens for the guests in this room.

Whatever your theme……Nunans florist will be to come up with a creative suggestion to make your party memorable.

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Are you planning on eloping?

Recently we helped a bride plan a surprise wedding. The groom knew he was getting married and to be dressed and ready for 12:00 on Friday. The bride called Nunans and set up a consultation to arrange the details. The day of the wedding we delivered the flowers to a local Bed and Breakfast. The groom came down from his room, the bride came down from hers, they got in the limo picked up the Justice of the peace and drove to the state park to exchange vows. It was very sweet! If you are not quite that relaxed about the planning and want a little more structure but lots of flexibility? The Garrison Inn in Newburyport offers Intimate & Elopement Wedding packages.

When it comes to flowers for your wedding you can choose your color scheme, let me know what flowers you love, and rest assured that you will have one of the best working for you.

Most of this can all be done by phone and email if you are not in the area. I am very familiar and comfortable working with couples from out of state. If you do plan a trip out after you have secured our services, we will be happy to arrange a time to meet with you in our shop, and go over more of the details, photos and vision.

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New trend? Fresh Flowers in your hair!

The last 3 weddings I booked share a common thread.... the girls wanted fresh flowers in their hair. One chose a circlet of fresh flowers on a comb with white daisies and ribbons cascading down her back. Her wedding is taking place in an apple orchard surrounded by wildflowers and heritage apple trees. The second bride is having us wire and tape individual blossoms of stephanotis that will have a small bead in the center. The bead is the same one that will be used in the necklaces that will be the bridesmaids gifts. The third is having us make a large composite lily that will be placed at the back of her head to accent the detail of her dress. Three girls all very different but they all wanted fresh flowers for their wedding day.

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Flowers make special days even happier!

Life gives us moments that make us happy like celebrating a birthday, welcoming a new little one into the world or your Best friend gets a new job after being laid off for a year! You are happy and you want to celebrate! Well... send flowers they add a special festive flair to these happy occasions. The flowers this time of year are just beautiful share them with someone who will enjoy them.


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Sending Flowers for Business

Flowers are beautiful, flowers let people know you appreciate beautiful things, flowers show your clients that you are not just another company out there in the world. When flowers are in the room the conversation is a little easier. The time and money you spend on flowers will be returned to you in the relationships built while in their presence.

When it comes to corporate gifts flowers are a perfect choice: thoughtful, lovely, and a personal expression from a corporate entity. They are an ideal way to bring sentiment to employees, clients and to keep your referral network bringing you new business. Use flowers to welcome aboard new employees, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and to just say "thanks for a great job"!

Nunan Florist specializes in flowers for business. Just this week we sent flowers to the rooms of health care professionals, attending a convention in Boston, as a thank you gift. Dr. Herzog in Danvers receives a Nunans arrangement and places it in his reception area to greet patients. Giant Glass sends flowers to their insurance agents to keep the Giant "top of mind". Like these local companies you to can use flowers to build business.


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Secretaries Day? Administrative Professionals Week? Who gets gifts?

Things used to be so easy, They told us it was a holiday we thought about it for a little while and sent a gift or card that was appropriate. The waters are a little muddier when it comes to the week of April 19, 2010 : Secretaries Day? Administrative Professionals Week? Who has a secretary anymore? The terms in use today are "Administrative Professionals" and "Executive Admins". They are broader terms, that encompass more flexibility than the original "Secretary" role. If your company is more informal the person you need to thank is the one who keeps the office running and keeps everyone in the right place at the right time.

National Secretaries Week was created in 1952 to encourage more people to consider careers in the secretarial/administrative support field.

Administrative Professionals Day gifts are by far the most common way of giving recognition to these most important people on your staff. What is the top gift?..... Giving flowers. Maybe, before you  forget, you should order some flowers now!

In 1955, the observance date of National Secretaries Week was moved to the last full week of April. The name was changed to Professional Secretaries Week in 1981, and became Administrative Professionals Week in 2000 to encompass the expanding responsibilities and wide-ranging job titles of administrative staff.

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Does Byfield MA have a florist?

When someone orders flowers online they are presented with many choices of providers.What the consumer does not know is that many of these providors are not in the business of actually delivering flowers. So if you Goggle “florist in Byfield” you will get several hits, some are even on the map, as of March 2010 there are no florists located in the village of Byfield MA.  What do you do if you want flowers delivered in Byfield but you are in Albuquerque? Look for a local florist in a neighboring town, check for a local number and a street address. You can visit their website and check their reviews. Do not use one of the order/gatherer sites these companies take your order then charge an additional service fee before forwarding your order to a real local florist to fill. Many of these order-gatherers use deceptive advertising tricks, making the customer think that they are dealing with a brick and mortar florist. Why do they do this? They want you to think they are a actual florist in the town you want flowers delivered to.  They take their profit and just send the order along to a “real florist” at reduced value both to the florist and the customer.

They also do this in the ”Yellow Page”  ads, many of the big ads are for businesses with no local store front, they are just gathering your order (for a fee) and passing it on to a real local florist. That florist is expected to absorb the delivery charges and often a 20% cut to the order gatherer.

Nunan Florist is a local florist in Georgetown that serves Byfield every day. We know the difference between Byfield Village, Plum Island, Newbury and all the streets in between. We have gone to the Byfield Days Festival, helped with the garden tour, donated flowers to the schools... We are local, we are real and Byfield is local stomping ground for us. Trust your order to Nunans.

If you want to become more informed on some of the deceptive internet advertising practices in the floral industry, go to floristdetective.com.  Use our website if you want to order safely, securely and conveniently

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Our customers like our selection of Yankee Candles.

I was shopping at Crosby’s market, here in Georgetown, and one of our customers stopped me to let me know that she just loved the new candle she received as a gift. Her friend bought the candle and brought it over during the power outage on Friday.  Her friend knew she was going to be alone so she checked in on her and left her the candle as a gift. She said: “about an hour after we lit it the whole house smelled like rich, sweet cherries. It brought me back to my childhood in Oregon where our family canned cherries every year. It was fun to be reminded of those days and canning cherries.”  She assured me she would be in to buy one for her sister who now lives in Arizona to see if she has the same reaction.

I enjoy when our customers relay these stories about their purchases from us at Nunans.  Nunans is proud to be carrying Yankee Candles, and Black Cherry is just one of the fragrances we have available
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Nunans is open even with the flood!
Nunans is open for business,Tuesday March 16th, there is a roadblock due to the flooding but just tell the officer you are going to Nunans and he will let you through. You can call us to place an order for delivery or use our website at www.nunantheflorist.com.
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Boston Wedding Show Hoax

Nunan florist is as shocked and surprised to wake up today to the news about the Bridal Show Scandal in Boston this morning. The full story is on Boston.com if you want to read it. We want you to know that is is always a good idea to work with local brick and mortar vendors when planning a wedding. Wedding shows can be a wonderful source for some unique and different things to personalize your wedding and reception. Do some research on anyone that you are looking to book as a vendor. Before putting down a deposit check out their reputation and credibility.

Do they have proper refrigeration, air conditioned vehicles, insurance coverage for their employees, products and professional liability?

If they are providing flowers are they doing them in the basement or on the kitchen table?

Are they willing to give you names of past clients to check with?

Your wedding is the biggest party you may ever plan, don't you want to associate yourself with the best? If you book your flowers with Nunan Florist Rest assured you will be treated with respect and professionalism by a qualified and creative floral team.


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Looking for a gift but not sure what to buy? Nunans has gift cards!
Nunan Florist has gift cards for sale that can be redeemed for services and merchandise of the recipients choosing. From green and blooming plants to fresh floral designs to outdoor trees and shrubs, Nunans can meet the garden desires of just about anyone. The cards are plastic credit card style and feature a floral picture on them, they come in an envelope for gifting and can be purchased in any denomination. Not from the area? Call and order over the phone and we can mail it for you. So next time you are looking for a gift card for flowers, plants, garden gifts or supplies just call or stop by Nunans for and pick up a  gift card. (978) 352 8172 or www.nunantheflorist.com
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Getting married in 2010?
Thank you to our brides who booked with us this month! Shannon, Meave, Tara, Helen, Jenny and Patti we are are looking forward to working with you on the flowers for your weddings. If you know anyone looking for wedding flowers send them our way, Nunans offers a free consultation visit our website or call and schedule yours today.
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White Christmas? this year you can create a winter wonderland inside your home.

Winter White Décor

Everyone dreams of a white Christmas, some of us get it and others get to go to the beach! White creates a crisp, clean palette to decorate your home in. Sheer white ribbon, beautiful greenery, porcelain ornaments, frosted silver balls… the list goes on and on. The key to success with this color scheme is texture: by varying the textures of the components you will achieve a look that is not boring. By texture I mean start with a garland that had different types of greenery. whether fresh or faux choose one that has some frosted tips or silvery foliage. Than add some frosted ornaments or snowflakes, acrylic snowballs etc. Another tip is to be generous with the lights and just make everything glow.

Fresh flowers in white are a natural compliment to your holiday décor.  Simple vases of Casa Blanca lilies, white roses, hydrangea or paper white narcissus are classic choices for decorating your home. Fill vases with white pine and then add your flowers. Remember to change the water often and to re-cut the stems for longer vase life. Mix clear vases that are partially filled with water and a floating candle in with your floral arrangements for a little movement. Beware! when you place the candle vases around your arrangements check to be sure no flowers or foliage are above the flames.

Enjoy your holiday decorating and if you have questions come visit us at Nunans 97 Central Street in Georgetown MA 01833 (978) 352-8172 or www.nunans.com


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Decorating with baskets

Baskets are an age old handcrafted staple for organizing, transporting and storing every day items. Every civilization had basket weavers who created beautiful and functional vessels to cradle our belongings. Woven baskets can range from rustic to refined and all stages in between. This fall when you clean and re-organize your home think of using baskets to reach your goals. Nunans Florist stocks many baskets  that are durable and adaptable. From dorm room to family room, woven baskets can be used to organize and control clutter.

Decorative uses for baskets: To unify the look of green plants in your home you can display them in baskets. Baskets often come in nested sets, buy a nest, bring it home, place plastic liners in the baskets and then place your plants in the baskets. This brings a unity to the room and instantly adds warmth and character.

Guests coming for the weekend? Create a basket in your powder room of essentials they can use to replace anything they might have forgotten to bring with them. Line a basket with a pretty towel then place, soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrush, tooth paste, powder, sunscreen etc. in the basket. Place it on the vanity and you have instantly become a very thoughtful host.

Having a party? Stock the bar with bottles, mixers and ice and then have back stock items, seltzer, ginger ale etc. in a basket underneath.If its a fall party add ambiance to the room by dressing the fireside with baskets filled with pine cones, kindling or magazines.

To remove clutter from the room, go through your belongings purge any unnecessary items and the ones that are left can be put in baskets and stored on a shelf unit. This keeps them accessible but neat.

Baskets are a versatile and pretty way for you to store your stuff  and help you live a happier more organized life. Nunans has beautiful baskets in stock visit us today to see for yourself.

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Purple Wedding flowers

Do you love the color purple, and I don’t necessarily mean the movie, just the rich velvety luscious color purple? Do you want to use it in your wedding but everyone keeps trying to steer you in another direction? If it’s purple you want then you should have purple. Let me give you a little advice on working with your favorite hue in the wedding world.

Here is a list of flowers that come in Lavender to purple and are appropriate for wedding bouquets: Alstroemeria, asters, calla lily, carnation, chrysanthemum, freesia, gladiola florets, hyacinth, hydrangea, iris, larkspur, lavender, liatris, lilac, lisianthus, muscari, orchids, phlox, roses, snapdragon, statice, stock, sweet pea, tulip, veronica and waxflower. There are sometimes local or seasonal varieties that could be available for your wedding check with your local florist. Use the internet to see if you like these flowers and see if they are available for your date.

When it comes to designing your bouquet keep in mind a few of the design rules such as texture, color and movement. These things are important, if you want your flowers to stand out from the other weddings you are attending.  Texture simply means: have a nice mix of different surfaces to create interest. For example a bouquet of Purple toned hydrangea (fluffy), lavender roses (velvety), viburnum berries (shiny) and salal leaves (leathery), would give you a beautiful bouquet with nice texture. Color is tricky when it comes to purple it is easy to go overboard. Try mixing darker shades with lighter ones to create a pleasing bouquet or you could even use bouquets that are all one hue and use a different hue for each girl. Movement is achieved by using materials that hang from the bouquet; you can have the designer string jewels on fine silver wire and work them into your flowers.  Let’s face it if you are choosing such a bold color as purple than you are no wall flower! Embrace your choice and let the designer run with it. You will love the results.

When it comes to the reception you may need to balance the saturation of color with some clean, clear accessories to achieve an elegant look. Glass vases with floating candles are the perfect choice. The glass adds smooth texture, the water and the candlelight add movement. Linens in soft ivory or pale gold are beautiful. If you can work it into the budget chair covers with purple or lavender bows would complete the look after all purple is the color of royalty and you are queen for the day!

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