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Flowers From The Rainflorist Celebrates Sister's Day August 7th


Sister’s Day is August 7th and that’s a great day to send a beautiful vase of flowers to let her know how much you love her. Sister’s come in all sizes, shapes and temperaments…but they are our Sister’s no matter how many times they borrowed our clothes and returned them ripped, or didn’t like our current flame or tattled on us. No one comes close to being as special as our Sister.

And they can be a sister-n-law, a sorority sister, a sister from another mother, or just your bestest friend.  You share your deepest secrets, your earliest memories, and countless laughs with her.

Flowers From The Rainflorist has a variety of flower arrangements to send. They also come in all sizes shapes and style, much like our sisters. Surprise her and send them today at the office so everyone knows how special she is!

So celebrate the special relationship between you and your sister and thank her for the good times. After all, sisterhood is an everlasting bond!


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How Do I take Care of My Roses with this Heat Wave

Wow…in case you haven’t noticed, South Florida in July is actually cooler than almost any other city in the USA. I heard this morning that the new marketing to encourage tourists to visit our State is going to be  “Visit Florida....we’re cool… more ways than one” ..or something along that line. Funny to know that Washington DC is hotter than Fort Lauderdale….could it be all the hot air from the talking heads?


So because we are use to the heat, and we deliver flowers year round, we don’t seem to have the same issues with flower deliveries that the florists up north are having. Most of our customers know from experience that keeping the water level high in the vase is important, changing the water every three days will increase the life of the flowers and re-cutting the stems under water also adds to the life span. We all have air conditioning in our homes and it keeps us cool but it will also dehydrate your blooms as well. Using a mister can eliminate this as flowers will take in moisture from the blooms as well as the stem.


Did you know that you can also “bathe” your roses?  If your roses do wilt…maybe you had them on the TV or under a ceiling fan or even  in a room that has a hot spot, you can take the stems and place them in the bathtub…of course you have to fill the tub with tepid water. Cut the stems and let them soak for 60 to 90  minutes. This often revives even the saddest looking roses.


Stop in the store if you want to see some beautiful colored roses this month….we are having specials each week. And if the maintenance of cut flowers is too much to handle, come see our trays of succulents. They seem to be thriving in this weather and there are some very unusual varieties…easy care plants…..


See you soon! 





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Flowers From The Rainflorist Participates in School Supply Drive


Every year, we pick several Give Back projects for the staff and the shop to participate in which benefits out local community. This year we donated an all pink basket filled with goodies for the Relay for Life in Sunrise and two large coolers filled with fishing accessories for the Dad’s Dolphin Daze Fishing Tournament. The Tournament provides funding for special needs children to ride horses as part of their therapy.


So now that school is right around the corner, we have chosen our next project of helping to collect and donate school supplies to the Sunrise Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 80 in their effort to see that no child in any of the schools in Sunrise attends without the necessary backpack and a starter of school supplies. The City Commission has donated

 $5000.00 towards the project since every school child in Sunrise will have an opportunity to benefit. Many of the Commissioners and other business owners have joined in the collection of monies as well as supplies.


Flowers From The Rainflorist has donated composition booklets and some of our vendors have come through with notebook paper, pencils and crayons. If you’d like to donate, there are 700 back packs to fill, please drop off your supplies at the store and we will see that they are passed along to the FOP.


If you’d like to write a check for your donation, please make it out to “Sunrise Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 80” and we will see that it reaches Officer Roger Krege the President of the FOP.


We chose to move our Flower Shop to the City of Sunrise over 15 years ago and it was a great move. Our Sunrise Community is supportive of our business and even recently the City Commission passed a much needed resolution based on the “See it here..Buy it here…Keep us here” concept being used many Cities across the country to keep revenues in the local communities. The Resolution encourages all City Departments and employees to shop with local businesses.


The new school year is rapidly approaching! Donations are much appreciated…one pack of paper or 100 packs, or one packet of pencils or 1000….bring yours in and get a free long stem rose to take home!  Let’s make it a good year for the students. .        

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Ft. Lauderdale Florist, Flowers From The Rainflorist Blings It Up For Prom Flower Season

From the preferred Ft Lauderdale Florist, Flowers From The Rainflorist, when spring comes around our Ft. Lauderdale high school students have only two important dates; spring break and prom! Anybody strolling through the malls can see all the popular prom trends on display. Whether it’s the “Shine on” motif or the “Belle of the Ball” designs there is definitely something they all have in common…flashy, glamorous, BLING! And what better way to bring some BLING to your outfit with a beautiful corsage or clutch bouquet with something shiny and sparkling.

Ft Lauderdale Florist, Flowers from the Rainflorist, we have all the gems and jewels you could want to “trick-out” your corsage, boutonnière or clutch bouquet with that touch of glamour. From Rhinestone accented corsage bracelets to sprays of diamond gems for boutonnières, the assortment is blinding. Students from Piper High, American Heritage and Plantation High(our local high schools) have already ordered some of these BLING-tastic pieces.


Even if “bling” isn’t your thing we can create an elegant design for you using beautiful Orchids and extravagant Calla Lilies or Roses . When accompanied by refined French ribbons or miniature butterflies, they may lack bling but they make it up in glamour.

We are seeing a trend among some of the schools for the girls to carry hand tied clutch bouquets for the prom. It varies from school to school but many girls are looking for something different this year. It is looking like a trend for the clutch has arrived in South Florida and it shows that many of the internet sites are being explored by students wanting to be trend setters. We have also done ankle flowers....similiar to a wristlet corsage but slipped up on the ankle.

Most of our students want to pick out their jewels, bling, butterflies, bracelets, flower color and ribbon but leave the actual designing to our very talented staff. They really want to be trendy and have something beautiful. We get the dress color, and then suggest a monochromatic bouquet, or mixed colors to compliment the dress color. Our ribbon selection is awesome!


We also suggest that the fellows add a single rose to their order to take to the date's shows that he is a 'class act' and certainly wins points with the date and the Mom. A win-win! If you “friend” us on Facebook, you automatically get the rose for free.

Our prom corsages range from $25.00-$55.00 and the average customer spends around $35-50. Clutch bouquets can vary in price depending on size and number of flowers but they still remain very affordable. Here are a few more samples of prom bouquets we have done recently


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Celebrating Psychedelic Spring Flowers at local Ft lauderdale florist, Flowers From The Rainflorist

Psychedelic Spring

Now that the Mod March Celebration is coming to an end at Flowers From the Rainflorist, we are ready to jump into Groovy April as part of our Psychedelic Spring and enjoy the all the bright colors of spring flowers that are arriving.

The more "mature" of the staff had a conversation about how the colors and flowers were reminiscent of the 60'S and since some of us drove vans with flowers all over them......hmmm, now we drive a PT Cruiser

with flowers all over it...there seems to be a connection, doesn't it? So we dragged out our old beads...I think they call them "vintage" now, head bands, buttons that say things like "peace out" and even a leather fringed vest....don't ask!

Kerry, with a K, she has a ton of sisters all with names starting with K, has done an awesome job and she has this huge smile everyday that she stops by. She is our source of snacks, cakes and other goodies....always nice to have such a giving friend.

So we had dedicated the months of March and April to those memories and hope you will join us. From the minute you drive into the parking lot and see our

hot pink psychedelic signage,


to the window with the beaded curtain,


large paper flowers, the hanging flowers


and all the cute things, you can't help but feel like you are in the 60's.

Even our shop sign has been converted to "psychedelic"  that Kerry with a "K" designed, to the inside of the shop where Jim and Al created arrangements 

Groovy van        suc 3  Groovy April Flowers

for grab and go, you can't help but enjoy the visit. Cool music from the 60's, soft fragrant incense and the staff with their tie-dyed shirts all add to the mood.

Being a former "hippie"...when I could escape my parents watchful eye, it does bring back some very "cool' times. So join us for Mod March wrap up or jump into Groovy April! Every week has a special!

Wishing you all peace, love and happiness!

Peace Out Peace  

from all of us At Flowers From The Rainflorist

Sher Tannozzini 

Flowers From The Rainflorist


(f) 954-741-4135


ft lauderdale flowers

Fort Lauderdale florist - local florist

Flowers Ft. lauderdale.

Spring Flowers

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Love Waits for No One - Valentine's Day is Monday Feb 14!

Well,  Flowers From The Rainflorist have spent the last two months ordering Valentine's Day vases and candy and balloons and name now it has begun to arrive.... carton after carton! Our UPS guys are beginning to look at us cross-eyed. We have red and pink and clear vases  in round, square, tall and short, wide and skinny! Our bears are white and brown, some sing, some just look ready for their new homes all dressed up with pretty bows and waiting.

Now the candy is another story...with our crowd, we tend to have to lock it up...anyone who loves chocolate understands that and when you have Godiva Chocolates in truffles and assortments in four piece, 8 piece and 19 piece selections, you are never without a choice...tastings are a tough job, but you know...someone has to do it!

Right after Christmas we started  pre-booking  with the farms in South America and Holland, all of our roses, and lily's, lizianthus, tulips and carnations and orchids...the list is long!  We have to pre-book as Valentine's Day flower sales are all based on supply and we try to book ahead with the farms so that we have enough for our customers.  In the past few years, the farms have been selling a lot of flowers to Europe where flowers play an even more important role to people. .Russia buys a lot of flowers and they spend a lot more money per household than we do here in our country. This year the economy in SA has been hit hard so the supply is less than we have seen in the past years. Many farms have closed or have dug up crops in order to plant vegetables to feed their people and to sell. So we try to plan ahead. Everyone thinks it's easy to be a florist because it's "just about flowers"....but we deal with brokers, farms , importers, transporters and a slew of others everyday just to get the flowers here.   There is never a dull day at the shop.

Here's  a sampling of one of our pink rose Selections called "Romance in Ft. Lauderdale"......order before the 11th and we'll add one of our baby bears for free!  

          Romance Roses

Looking to send flowers in Sunrise, Flowers in Ft. Lauderdale, Flowers in Davie, Flowers in Coral Springs, Flowers in Margate, Flowers in Coconut Creek.

See also ft lauderdale funeral flowers here

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Opps..They Did It Again...Google Smoogle Loses The City of Sunrise Florida

Google Smoogle   

If it weren’t so painfully sad to look at the loss of revenues coming into the small businesses in the City of Sunrise, like, it would be comical that a major God of the Internet Search Engines like Google has once again….make that 3 times, “lost” or “replaced" every business in the City with businesses in the town of Sarasota, a town across the State of Florida.


Sarasota is getting our business….do you think they will pay our taxes, keep our employees paid, etc etc. ..oh, and it’s not just the loss of small businesses but even places like Sunrise's Dunkin Donuts, Office Depot, Staples, Home Depot. Searches for them lead you to Sarasota…now I like my Dunkin every morning but cannot travel THAT far for my java fix….


Do a search for “tire repair sunrise fl”, “restaurants in sunrise fl”, “pizzeria’s in sunrise fl”, “ florists sunrise fl”…the list is lengthy…the results are the same…all of them are directed to Sarasota.


Heaven forbid, that you search for  “hospitals in Sunrise fl”…guess what…plan on a long drive across Alligator Alley then up I-75…I. hope you survive. I hope small businesses in the City of Sunrise Fl survive…..I hope my flowershop survives!  I have my doubts. Like the economy is not making it difficult enough, we have Google Smoogle adding insult to injury and seemingly not caring about it.



Even more comical is that the newly elected Mayor Mike Ryan, a stance supporter of small businesses and who’s election platform was based on small business and getting help to them…guess what…search for “mayor in sunrise fl…you got it…you will be directed to the Mayor of Sarasota. Boy does His Honor have his work cut out for him…no-one can find his City…yikes!


Now to give Google credit, they have made it easier to “report” a problem… your search, a small business center listing will appear (showing Sarasota of course) and click on one of the red balloons…the map enlarges and at the very bottom, in the smallest font known to mankind, is a “report a problem”. Or just go to this link and follow the “report a problem” at the bottom…the more that do this, the more attention our City will get and perhaps the sooner the problem will be fixed……!,+Sarasota,+Florida&gl=us&ei=NbZyTPSiFoH_8AbP9oylDQ&ved=0CCYQ8gEwAA&ll=27.261344,-82.430763&spn=0.237131,0.392418&z=12&iwloc=A


Or we can all gather on the steps of City Hall and instead of burning books or bra’s, we can burn Google signs because for sure they are not helping one business in our City of Sunrise…not one!


Well, I have reported it around five times…I did get a response back that said Google was aware of the problem…again, bear in mind that this is not a NEW problem and was fixed three times before but that they would be able to fix in it in ONE TO TWO MONTHS! Are you kidding me…my business is dependant on people finding me….they can’t…I won’t survive….Since this occurred this time, my web orders are flat as a pancake! My phone calls are flat…..anyone who has not used our shop in the past cannot find me. But my bills still keep coming in and need to get paid!


I think I will reach out to Bob Norman at the New Times Broward edition…he can sniff out corruption, maybe he can sniff out a way to get Google’s phone number …Come on Bob! 

Or maybe the South Florida Business Journel has a way of reaching a "human" at Google and getting their attention. Maybe some of their Power Leaders can help the City of Sunrise get back on the map.


I was able to get it fixed before with the help of Mike Blumenthal, a well respected SEO champ and web guru and who writes an awesome blog on situations with Google and who pointed us to a Google  run forum  addressing issues with Google problems…. but how many times must one go to the well and get help for a problem that should be fixed once and  stay fixed.


I have blogged about this in the past …I am sick of blogging about it…I am tired of the “canned responses”….I am sick of the blasé attitude of Google that they need one to two months to fix a problem that reoccurs…yet they can show the very street you live on to the world and tons of other info but they can’t keep a City in the right longitude or latitude.

Do you think I am asking too much?      

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Flowers From The Rainflorist Participates in the Elite Bridal Network Gathering



“Wow”…. was the operative word at the Gallery One in Fort Lauderdale last week when some of the top Event Florists, Planners, Musicians,  Photographers, Linen and Event Support Companies came together to share and network and show off their finest works. Hosted by Jen Thomas, the Senior Catering Sales Manager of the Gallery One, it was truly a great night to see old friends, and to meet new ones.


The Floral Artisans at Flowers From The Rainflorist had a copper themed table  with orchids as the primary focus and an added touch of pheasant feathers for a touch of autumn. Linens with Panache supplied our table linen which was a rich embossed shimmery copper and was a perfect choice for our design.


It was great to see long standing friends, like Café ala Cart with the debonair Dom working the cappuccino machine, Alan Einhorn from Over the Top Linen, Michael White with his new painting techniques, Chef Irie…also called the scotch bonnet King, Susie Scrumptious Cakes who served  red velvet cake samples that were just fabulous!

We visited with Tom Weber of Smile Photography who always has the sweetest smile and some of the happiest brides, and Mike Sipe who can always get the place rockin!



We met a new company called NEOART Photography owned an operated by Ela and Jason who were gracious to everyone taking pictures of their table set ups and creations. The following pictures are ones that Jason took for us. He has the same camera that I have but somehow his pictures really captured our work….a perfect example of why you should hire a Professional to do any photography, flowers cakes etc for your event! They know exactly what they are doing……

These are the pictures they took of our display table…we hope you enjoy them and a great thanks to Jen Thomas for getting us all together at one time!



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Mothers Day Special Celebrations and Gift Ideas

Are you looking for Mothers Day celebration ideas for 2010? If you are wanting to take your Mother out for brunch this year, why not have a beautiful centerpiece of fresh flowers delivered to your table? Flowers From the Rainflorist will make sure that your hand selected Mothers Day flowers are delivered before you arrive for brunch.

Does your Mothers Day tradition include a corsages for your mother? If it does, Flowers From the Rainflorist has a large selection of orchid corsages, rose corsages and more for pick up at our Ft. Lauderdale Flower Shop or for delivery in Ft. Lauderdale, Sunrise, Davie, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek and throughout Broward county.

White Mothers Day Rose Corsage

Mother's Day Brunch at The Downtowner Downtowner Saloon Fort Lauderdale, FL The Downtowner Saloon will once again host a Mother's Day Brunch on May 9. Make your reservations now. May 9, 2010 11:00 a.m.

Designers Choice

Mother's Day at Kitchen 305 Kitchen 305 For $27.95 per person, get a complete brunch, bottomless champagne and a $50 giftcard to the Seven Seas Aveda Spa on Mother's Day at Kitchen 305. May 9, 2010. This tropical flower arrangement is Mothers Day Paradise Found. It is a striking beauty and your Mother will love it.

Mothers Day Paradise Found

Click here to Order Paradise Found

Mother's Day brunch at Area 31 Area 31 Treat mom to brunch at Area 31 on Mother's Day, where offerings will include both hot and cold buffet tables featuring traditional breakfast items, seafood and more. May 9, 2010 12:00 p.m.


Mother's Day brunch at Bogart's Bar and Grille Bogart's Bar & Grille Bogart's Bar & Grille will host brunch on Mother's Day featuring a menu of traditional favorites. May 9, 2010

Mother's Day brunch at Gotham Steak Gotham Steak Gotham Steak will roll out the red carpet for mom with a brunch that includes traditional breakfast options, sushi and unlimited mimosas. May 9, 2010 11:00 a.m.

Mother's Day brunch at Sublime Sublime Fort Lauderdale, FL Sublime will offer a variety of special dishes for Mother's Day, including Belgian waffles with strawberry compote and fresh whipped "cream," smoked tempeh, the Sublime scramble and much more.

In addition Mothers Day is a great time to take a cooking class with your Mother or go to a concert with your mom and more.

Mommy and Me Mother's Day cooking class Biltmore Hotel Moms can team up with their favorite junior chef for a family cooking class at The Biltmore on Mother's Day. May 9, 2010 10:00 a.m.

Mothers Day Lavish Blooms

Honoring Our Mothers benefit concert Miramar Cultural Center This benefit concert on Mother's Day will raise money for local relief organizations assisting with rescue efforts in Haiti. Acts scheduled to perform include Ayabonmbe with Haiti United, Ginou, Jean Claude Eugene and more. May 9, 2010 6:00 p.m.

Family Fun Program: Mother’s Day Origami Card Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens 4000 Morikami Park Road, Delray Beach, FL Family Fun Programs are for those who want to explore and learn about Japanese culture through hands-on arts and crafts projects designed for the whole family. Families can create projects in an open workshop. May 9, 2010 11:00 a.m.


To see more Mothers Day flowers online

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Love is in the Air at Flowers From The Rainflorist!

Cupid made a stop at Flowers From The Rainflorist to bring some love for our customers and staff and to help us gear up for the Big Day. Everybody needs some "LOVE", right?...even the overworked local florist. So to give some "love" back to our customers,  mention Cupid's Love when you place an order online, in person or on the phone and we'll send you a gift card for $10.00 off on your next order..... 

Today we had a preview of some gorgeous Freedom roses from Ecuador along with some nifty new colored roses as well. The traditional red rose remains the favorite on Valentines Day but newer trendier colors are starting to become more popular as well. . 

We had a gorgeous orange rose in today that was just stunning and as we opened the box to prepare them to be hydrated, a few customers at the counter asked if they were available for that's moving product hot off the presses! . 

Of course, my all time favorites are the hydrangea...or is it purple lizianthus blooms or maybe orchids....yes, I think orchids, especially the green cymbidium and when it is paired with red roses in a compact style...well that's romance at it's finest.. 

Speaking of don't have to stick with the traditional 12 roses arranged in a adventurous....look at our website...there are so many beautiful, modestly priced arrangements that can make the day special for your sweetheart...and ladies...guys like flowers also. 

Many new flowers are coming in during the week of Valentines Day...from tropicals to roses, orchids to daisies...we will have it all.

Come in.....stop and smell the's only going to get lovelier ....

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Ft Lauderdale Weddings, Congratulations Brian and Katie

Brian and Katie get Married At Ft. Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa


Weddings for the Floral Artisans at Flowers From The Rainflorist started with Katie and Brian’s which was held at the fabulous Marriott Resort & Spa. Once again we found ourselves working with a bride that was referred to us from the Catering Director, Delette Matheus who is the ultimate,  consummate Professional when it comes to making beautiful events happen. We have had the pleasure of creating several weddings at this venue during the year and it is always a pleasure working there.


Katie came to us with some very distinctive ideas and quite a bit of talent in decorating her own tall champagne glass vases…from local items, found on the beach and even her backyard. It added to the choice of flowers as you can see.



Weddings Ceremonies are very popular on Ft Lauderdale beach and nature provides a beautiful backdrop for the exchanging of vows. The breeze is beautiful and fresh and the guests don’t have to walk far to the cocktail area and then to the reception. The view at the Marriott Harbor Beach is one of the finest in the area.





Once vows were exchanged and cocktails enjoyed, guests found their seating cards and then joined the couple in the ball room where the ceilings were draped, the beautiful stitched linens were installed by Over The Top Linen and the champagne vases filled with flowers were waiting.






The head table had mini designs so that the couple was not obscured and each end of the table had matching designs to complete the rest of the décor.





The cake table was just beautiful to look at…draped in its own exotic sheer fabric, it was almost too beautiful to eat!



 We all had a wonderful time working with Katie on her Great Day and wish her and Brian all the best in their life together!

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Fort Lauderdale Florist, Flowers From The Rainflorist plans New Years Eve Flowers




Now that Christmas Day is over and the crazy after the day shopping for bargains is winding down, Ft Lauderdale is preparing for an influx of visitors who come just to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a new.


It is expected that over 100,000 revelers will attend a free celebration in downtown Ft. Lauderdale around SW 5th and SW 2nd Street  hosted by the City and major sponsors that will feature activities for the whole family starting at 5pm and continuing until the ball drops and 2010 arrives. Make sure you are there early as they light the ball at 7pm. This is one of the largest New Year’s Eve Celebration’s in Florida and it’s FREE!


For those who want to celebrate without children, Hard Rock has an abundance of nightclubs that are offering excellent entertainment plus a side of gambling. Several of their on-site restaurants are known for superb dining and usually they have an awesome fireworks display. It’s one of the the places “to be” on New Years Eve.


Downtown Ft Lauderdale is known for it’s many great restaurants ranging from French, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, American Cuisine and Steak Houses all within walking distance of each other…Flowers From The Rainflorist works closely with them and can arrange New Year's flowers to be placed on your table to add to the ambiance of the evening. How beautiful is that! Our Floral Artisans have the same passion, creativity and attention to fine detail as do the wonderful Chef’s that call Ft. Lauderdale their home town.




Give Flowers From The Rainflorist a call or shop online at . Let us deliver a table design for that extra touch for a wonderful evening. And Happy New Year to you all! 

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Local Ft Lauderdale-Sunrise Florist Receives Google Recognition As A "My Favorite Places"


Flowers From The Rainflorist has been recognized by Google as a Favorite Place In Ft Lauderdale-Sunrise Florida and we are one happy Flower Shop.


After all of our angst with Google misplacing our Flower Shop and relocating it across the State several months ago and having the help of a Real Google Guru, Mike Blumenthal to help us make it better… Flowers From The Rainflorist has really exciting news! Actually Blumenthal  blogged a bit back about Google coming out with this new exciting promotion  but we did not think we were Big Enough to get the certificate…after all we are small and family operated…so who knew ? 


So last week, I got the mail and there was an envelope from Google…thought it was just an advertisement flyer and so I waited until we were finished with an event to sit down and open the mail. What a pleasant surprise! We have been recognized as a Favorite Place in the Fort Lauderdale area on Google and we have received a special packet with a sticker to place on our door congratulating us for being a favorite place that folks search for!


Google identified over 100,000 businesses in the U.S.A. as a “Favorite Places on Google which was based on Google user’s interactions with local business listings…. and you, the customer chose us! This selection represents less than 1% of the 28 million U.S. businesses so we are pretty psyched. Google stated that it “believes that our standards for selecting businesses are as selective or more selective than other companies which have run similar initiatives”. Flowers From The Rainflorist isn’t going to argue that point!


So, a special thanks to all of our customers who took the time to write reviews or searched for directions to find us or just wanted more information about us …we thank you over and over for taking your time to do that!


As a real local florist in Ft Lauderdale/Sunrise, who actually designs and delivers on the same day, we are so excited and this is a Grand Congratulations from Google. Thank You Google for this honor.


We have our sticker going up on the window on Monday…have to wait for a bit of rain to pass and then you will be able to scan the bar code with your phones to get more information about our Flower Shop.




We have worked very hard to be the best in our area and our customers have helped us along the way so we’d like you to come in, or drive by and scan the code…and we do have a free Holiday gift for you. So pop in if you can…we’d like to thank you in person.

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Ft Lauderdale Florist, Flowers From The Rainflorist Adds More Staff


Flowers From The Rainflorist has been so busy that we have not had time to tell you about one of the newest additions to our Staff of Floral Artisans!  


Alan Pandorf joined us as a transplant from New Jersey and is here to stay. Something about the weather being nicer but in deference to our Jersey friends, we won’t talk about snow, freezing weather, slipping and sliding while we come to work in sandals, convertible tops down and the tips of our noses getting a slight suntan.


As a teenager, he and his three brothers grew up in the family business of kitchen and bath design which has given him an eye for details that complement florals for the home. Our customers are thrilled to have this bubbly young man who is like a whirlwind of enthusiasm and energy. 




Alan has years of floral experience and brings to the eclectic nature of our staff, a unique, trendy style of design that is comfortable with even our most die hard fans of traditional Florals. He started working in the floral industry back in the 90’s and attended design schools while working as an assistant to a major Flower Shop in the North East. During that time he honed his skills by creating designs for parties, weddings, home décor and holiday theme designs.


We are fortunate and excited to have him join our family and so are our customers who have already written emails thanking him for his kindness in helping them chose just the right flowers to send.


Come in and introduce yourself to Alan and have him design your next party, wedding or special christmas gift with Flowers From The Rainflorist.  He has a free gift for each person who comes in the month of December…..don’t be left out!

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Ft. Lauderdale Florist, Flowers From The Rainflorist Loses it's Matriarch

Recently my Mother lost her battle to Alzheimer’s and passed away and her services were handled by the wonderful folks at TM Ralph Funeral Home in Plantation, Fl. Mom was instrumental in helping our shop get its humble beginnings and she never failed to appreciate the smell, the touch and the beauty of flowers. She was a child of the Depression who wore bloomers made from flour sacks as a kid and knew how to eat squirrel that her Dad had hunted so her appreciation of flowers was born from the family garden that occasionally had “snowballs” and real grapes grown along with beans in the family backyard. As she grew and succeeded in business, she became a huge fan of Georgia O’Keefe’s floral paintings  and I now have her picture of the red poppy in my room to greet me each morning. My favorite memory of her is in the shop with her straw hat, watering the orchids each week and being amazed at how beautiful they were from week to week. It didn't matter to us that the ones she was watering were silk. We never had the heart to tell her that and she always thought she had a "special" green thumb with them. In truth, she did, as her spirit was that of a gentle woman who ruled with an iron will. Many times, the family referred to her as "the little General" as she was barely five feet tall but she sure got things done.  


 As a florist who has delivered flowers to Fort Lauderdale and Sunrise funeral homes for over twenty years, you would think that the importance of flowers, how folks respond to receiving flowers and the impact that flowers have on an empty funeral parlor would have sunk in. However, even a florist can be overwhelmed during the loss process and forget how important they are to families until  they see the response they get from their own family when they see the flowers in the funeral home that have been sent from friends and family across the country to show respect, support and comfort.


I myself had a group of fellow florist friends that are scattered across the country from La Jolla Village Florist in California who sent a beautiful standing spray in pinks, Mioux Florist in Carlyle Illinois thoughtfuly sent a delicate vase arrangement of calla lilies , Coleman Florist a Flower Shop in Syracuse New York  sent a trendy funeral basket with gladiolas and roses and even a Corvallis Florist  in Oregon sent a basket of blooming plants that reminded my family of my Mothers love of gardening. Each called my staff and arranged to have flowers delivered to my Mom’s service while I spent time with my family so this gift of love was totally unexpected. They had never met her and yet to comfort me they sent flowers and words of encouragement and sympathy on her passing. I see flowers every day yet this simple act of kindness enhanced the service and made me feel surrounded by the love of friends who could not be there. My family was overwhelmed that so many people sent flowers for their “Grammy”.


As the owner of Flowers From The Rainflorist, I sometimes think I live on the "net" all the time so I get to see some pretty outrageous ads and articles from so called “online florists” that tell you how much easier and less expensive it is to order from them to send flowers across the country for a funeral service. Sometimes I wish I could reach in and just yank their phony baloney ads out of my computer and send it to the shredder. What a bunch of bunk!


No one does it better than your local Brick and Mortar Florist. No one has the contacts that we have or the experience we have in choosing a Real Florist for you anywhere in the world who is a Professional and who actually has a daily selection of fresh flowers in their store, or the experience in guiding you with the appropriate funeral flower selection for the funeral home, residence or church service. That’s the difference in an “online” florist sitting in a cubicle taking your order and a Real Florist who knows all about flowers.


We are not just interested in “getting” your order but we want to provide the service that comes with helping you to send the correct thing, choosing the right message for your card according to the deceased’s religion or beliefs of the deceased family and selecting the right flowers for the location.


We also have excellent relationships with Ft. Lauderdale and Sunrise funeral homes and know their rules as well. The last thing they have time to do is arrange flowers that you have ordered online from a drop shipper that arrive in a box…..just picture having the deceased family getting a brown or purple box that needs to be arranged…believe me that is the last thing a grieving family wants to be bothered with.


So give us a call when you need to send a special sympathy tribute to a family member or even someone across the country…we are here to help you. And thanks for letting me tell you about my Mom, "the little General". Rest in Peace Dear woman rest in peace.  

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