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How Do I take Care of My Roses with this Heat Wave

Wow…in case you haven’t noticed, South Florida in July is actually cooler than almost any other city in the USA. I heard this morning that the new marketing to encourage tourists to visit our State is going to be  “Visit Florida....we’re cool… more ways than one” ..or something along that line. Funny to know that Washington DC is hotter than Fort Lauderdale….could it be all the hot air from the talking heads?


So because we are use to the heat, and we deliver flowers year round, we don’t seem to have the same issues with flower deliveries that the florists up north are having. Most of our customers know from experience that keeping the water level high in the vase is important, changing the water every three days will increase the life of the flowers and re-cutting the stems under water also adds to the life span. We all have air conditioning in our homes and it keeps us cool but it will also dehydrate your blooms as well. Using a mister can eliminate this as flowers will take in moisture from the blooms as well as the stem.


Did you know that you can also “bathe” your roses?  If your roses do wilt…maybe you had them on the TV or under a ceiling fan or even  in a room that has a hot spot, you can take the stems and place them in the bathtub…of course you have to fill the tub with tepid water. Cut the stems and let them soak for 60 to 90  minutes. This often revives even the saddest looking roses.


Stop in the store if you want to see some beautiful colored roses this month….we are having specials each week. And if the maintenance of cut flowers is too much to handle, come see our trays of succulents. They seem to be thriving in this weather and there are some very unusual varieties…easy care plants…..


See you soon! 





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