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Celebrating Psychedelic Spring Flowers at local Ft lauderdale florist, Flowers From The Rainflorist

Psychedelic Spring

Now that the Mod March Celebration is coming to an end at Flowers From the Rainflorist, we are ready to jump into Groovy April as part of our Psychedelic Spring and enjoy the all the bright colors of spring flowers that are arriving.

The more "mature" of the staff had a conversation about how the colors and flowers were reminiscent of the 60'S and since some of us drove vans with flowers all over them......hmmm, now we drive a PT Cruiser

with flowers all over it...there seems to be a connection, doesn't it? So we dragged out our old beads...I think they call them "vintage" now, head bands, buttons that say things like "peace out" and even a leather fringed vest....don't ask!

Kerry, with a K, she has a ton of sisters all with names starting with K, has done an awesome job and she has this huge smile everyday that she stops by. She is our source of snacks, cakes and other goodies....always nice to have such a giving friend.

So we had dedicated the months of March and April to those memories and hope you will join us. From the minute you drive into the parking lot and see our

hot pink psychedelic signage,


to the window with the beaded curtain,


large paper flowers, the hanging flowers


and all the cute things, you can't help but feel like you are in the 60's.

Even our shop sign has been converted to "psychedelic"  that Kerry with a "K" designed, to the inside of the shop where Jim and Al created arrangements 

Groovy van        suc 3  Groovy April Flowers

for grab and go, you can't help but enjoy the visit. Cool music from the 60's, soft fragrant incense and the staff with their tie-dyed shirts all add to the mood.

Being a former "hippie"...when I could escape my parents watchful eye, it does bring back some very "cool' times. So join us for Mod March wrap up or jump into Groovy April! Every week has a special!

Wishing you all peace, love and happiness!

Peace Out Peace  

from all of us At Flowers From The Rainflorist

Sher Tannozzini 

Flowers From The Rainflorist


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Published Monday, March 28, 2011 5:32 PM by blooms4u


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