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Opps..They Did It Again...Google Smoogle Loses The City of Sunrise Florida

Google Smoogle   

If it weren’t so painfully sad to look at the loss of revenues coming into the small businesses in the City of Sunrise, like, it would be comical that a major God of the Internet Search Engines like Google has once again….make that 3 times, “lost” or “replaced" every business in the City with businesses in the town of Sarasota, a town across the State of Florida.


Sarasota is getting our business….do you think they will pay our taxes, keep our employees paid, etc etc. ..oh, and it’s not just the loss of small businesses but even places like Sunrise's Dunkin Donuts, Office Depot, Staples, Home Depot. Searches for them lead you to Sarasota…now I like my Dunkin every morning but cannot travel THAT far for my java fix….


Do a search for “tire repair sunrise fl”, “restaurants in sunrise fl”, “pizzeria’s in sunrise fl”, “ florists sunrise fl”…the list is lengthy…the results are the same…all of them are directed to Sarasota.


Heaven forbid, that you search for  “hospitals in Sunrise fl”…guess what…plan on a long drive across Alligator Alley then up I-75…I. hope you survive. I hope small businesses in the City of Sunrise Fl survive…..I hope my flowershop survives!  I have my doubts. Like the economy is not making it difficult enough, we have Google Smoogle adding insult to injury and seemingly not caring about it.



Even more comical is that the newly elected Mayor Mike Ryan, a stance supporter of small businesses and who’s election platform was based on small business and getting help to them…guess what…search for “mayor in sunrise fl…you got it…you will be directed to the Mayor of Sarasota. Boy does His Honor have his work cut out for him…no-one can find his City…yikes!


Now to give Google credit, they have made it easier to “report” a problem… your search, a small business center listing will appear (showing Sarasota of course) and click on one of the red balloons…the map enlarges and at the very bottom, in the smallest font known to mankind, is a “report a problem”. Or just go to this link and follow the “report a problem” at the bottom…the more that do this, the more attention our City will get and perhaps the sooner the problem will be fixed……!,+Sarasota,+Florida&gl=us&ei=NbZyTPSiFoH_8AbP9oylDQ&ved=0CCYQ8gEwAA&ll=27.261344,-82.430763&spn=0.237131,0.392418&z=12&iwloc=A


Or we can all gather on the steps of City Hall and instead of burning books or bra’s, we can burn Google signs because for sure they are not helping one business in our City of Sunrise…not one!


Well, I have reported it around five times…I did get a response back that said Google was aware of the problem…again, bear in mind that this is not a NEW problem and was fixed three times before but that they would be able to fix in it in ONE TO TWO MONTHS! Are you kidding me…my business is dependant on people finding me….they can’t…I won’t survive….Since this occurred this time, my web orders are flat as a pancake! My phone calls are flat…..anyone who has not used our shop in the past cannot find me. But my bills still keep coming in and need to get paid!


I think I will reach out to Bob Norman at the New Times Broward edition…he can sniff out corruption, maybe he can sniff out a way to get Google’s phone number …Come on Bob! 

Or maybe the South Florida Business Journel has a way of reaching a "human" at Google and getting their attention. Maybe some of their Power Leaders can help the City of Sunrise get back on the map.


I was able to get it fixed before with the help of Mike Blumenthal, a well respected SEO champ and web guru and who writes an awesome blog on situations with Google and who pointed us to a Google  run forum  addressing issues with Google problems…. but how many times must one go to the well and get help for a problem that should be fixed once and  stay fixed.


I have blogged about this in the past …I am sick of blogging about it…I am tired of the “canned responses”….I am sick of the blasé attitude of Google that they need one to two months to fix a problem that reoccurs…yet they can show the very street you live on to the world and tons of other info but they can’t keep a City in the right longitude or latitude.

Do you think I am asking too much?      

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Published Saturday, September 11, 2010 11:19 AM by blooms4u


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