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The "Red Rose Strut" Delivered by Flowers From The Rainflorist!



Valentines day is less than four weeks away, but you know’s being promoted everywhere from the gas stations to big box stores to online retailers. You cannot miss it!


As a Real Professional Florist, and with my friends being primarily in the same business across the country, almost all of our conversations end up talking about flowers and our industry. We happened to get into a conversation about red roses and Valentines day and the fun we have delivering flowers but especially red roses. We have all had the opportunity to observe the “Red Rose Strut” and all of us knew exactly what that is…..this is a term that we use when we deliver a dozen or two or even three dozen red roses to “her office” and the receptionist has to call to the front....everyone in the office develops “head swivel” to see why she is going to the front desk….good news? Bad news? Oh  My…….it’s Red Roses! And they are not for me and  they all watch and wonder when their hubby, boyfriend or lover will be sending their red roses.  


Now the “ Red Rose Strut” comes into play when she has signed, tipped the driver and turns to face the office…never making eye contact but the hips relax, the shoulder loosen up, the face softens with a gentle smile and she smells the roses….careful now, "the Red Rose Strut" is about to happen…here it is….…. all the way back to her desk she struts with her Red Roses! ….Gentlemen, there is nothing like the Red Rose Strut for your sweetie to perform and what a hero it makes you. Especially if you have had them delivered several days before the holiday because “you just couldn’t wait to tell her you love her! “ Those roses will work magic through the week-end and even if it is football season, you are “the Man” “the Hero”” My guy”, “My Snookums”…we’ll leave it at that….


Did you ever think that simple but gorgeous Red Roses hand delivered by your Local florist …not delivered to the door in a cardboard box for her to arrange herself or something you grabbed on the street corner on the way home…but Hand delivered Red Roses especially for her to her Office would create such a stir and a whole new “strut”?

Set the bar high and set it early….make everyone in the office jealous…She’ll look at you with love all over again!


                OURS...................         THEIRS....................... 


                                           What do you want to send to her???????


                             Call Flowers From The Rainflorist…954-741-8900


                                               We deliver Roses for her to Strut with.

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Published Saturday, January 24, 2009 10:20 PM by blooms4u


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