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Bringing the Outside In …….with a Miniature size Volcano Plant From Hawaii


Volcano Plants Have Arrived at Flowers From The Rainflorist!


Do you need a gift for someone who has absolutely no “green thumb” or the time to take care of a green plant….or are you looking to improve the air quality of your own home or office by incorporating plants but just don’t have the time or want the expense of plant maintenance? Consider the easy to care for Volcano plants. One might be the perfect solution for your dilemma. 


Flowers From The Rainflorist just received their first shipment of Volcano Plants directly from Hawaii and each plant is unique and provides it’s own habitat for growing. At full growth, each plant will only reach about 8-10 inches which make them a great gift as a  starter plant for the Bonsai Gardener. The plants are grown on a lava rock, also called Hawaiian Volcano rock and the varieties available include bromeliads, red and  pink anthuriums, and green or variegated scheffleras. These plants also help keep the indoor air clean while being easy to care for! They put water vapour back into the air, while  absorbing heat and filterering dust and harmful substances out of the air.


To maintain these plants, all that is needed is a shallow dish, a cup of water and some filtered bright light. They actually thrive on bright filtered light which is perfect for offices, small spaces in the home and are especially nice for those that practice feng shui décor and want to add a special element to their decor.


We welcome you to stop by and take a look at these fun plants and maybe you will want to take home a gift of paradise for yourself and one for a friend! They are certainly the gift that keeps on giving.


For more info on how plants improve your home and office décor we suggest you visit


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Published Saturday, September 27, 2008 2:01 AM by blooms4u


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