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A Real Florist gets Valentine Deliveries done on time!

With so many horror stories this Valentines Day about flowers not being delivered by Middlemen and order gatherers, and hundreds of boxes still stuck in a warehouse in Cincinnati, we thought we’d share just how a Real Florist gets the job done with a Class Act Delivery.  Meet Mike, who has been an assistant delivery helper for the past two years along with his Mom ….no do-it-yourself boxes from Mike….no flowers left on the porch from Mike…he hand delivers and gives you a holiday greeting as well!   He has a whole collection of special outfits for every holiday. He really loves his job! Of course Grandpa comes to pick him up after two runs so he doesn’t get too tired out.  


          His Valentine Day outfit is a custom made Tux with a vest, bow tie and shiny shoes…and he really makes the day special for his customers! They get a special greeting and for the most part, he steals the show. Of course, he does make tips…as you can see, he wasn’t happy to hear that Mom will be putting those greenbacks in the bank for his schooling.

These are some of the flowers that Mike delivered….now don’t you wish he’d made yours?????






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Published Friday, February 16, 2007 11:04 PM by blooms4u


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