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Do you know where your flowers are tonight????

Listening to the latest hype from PF, you’d think that they have the freshest flowers available, and that your flowers are still in the fields just waiting for your order to be placed so someone can run out and pick them, box them up, take them to the airport and personally fly them to your doorstep. In reality, most drop shippers and middleman flowers have already been boxed and are sitting in refrigerated trucks in Miami and other distribution points across the country waiting for the Big Day. So much for “field fresh” and being fresher than your local florist can deliver.

Real Professional Local Florists across the country want you to be as informed as possible so that on the most romantic day of the year, your decision does not leave you disappointed. It's really all about asking yourself "What and how do I want my Valentine message delivered.

Do I want my delivery to be a “do it yourself” box or do I want a visual “oohs and ahhs” arrangement of roses or flowers designed by a Professional Florist to be delivered to my “sweetie”. A first impression is a lasting impression…what will yours be?

So with all of the negative ads from Liberty Media's ProFlowers aimed at Real Local Professional Florists, in the end, what florists really want you to know: ProFlowers takes the pro out of the gift of flowers. Don't let that happen to you. Let a Professional take care of you. Connect with your Local Florist , there is a difference ......We're the Real Pro's with flowers!

PF vs Real Florist
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Published Friday, February 02, 2007 1:10 AM by blooms4u


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