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Crighton's Florist & Greenhouses - Prospect, PA

Crighton's Florist and Greenhouses is located in Prospect, PA. In addition to being a full service florist, our greenhouses produce most of the annuals and perennials we sell. We're also found at local farmer's markets with the produce we grow on our farm. For more information, visit us online at www.crightonsgreenhouse.com.

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Custom Hanging Baskets and Porch Planters
It's still a little early for annuals to be outside in our area, but our greenhouses are warm and filling with hanging baskets and trays of annuals. The big box stores are stocked with empty hanging baskets and porch planters. If you've found the perfect Read More...
Better for You, Better for Us
This year of growing flowering plants and vegetable transplants has begun in a safer manner for you and me in our greenhouses. We have found a composted growing media that is so much more environmentally friendly than that which is used conventionally. Read More...