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Crighton's Florist & Greenhouses - Prospect, PA

Crighton's Florist and Greenhouses is located in Prospect, PA. In addition to being a full service florist, our greenhouses produce most of the annuals and perennials we sell. We're also found at local farmer's markets with the produce we grow on our farm. For more information, visit us online at www.crightonsgreenhouse.com.
Perennial Flowers from the NorthEast
We here at Crighton's Florist & Greenhouses, western Pennsylvania, were asked to create a casket spray and matching foot spray in early July.  The requirements were that they be of summer flowers.  We had learned the deceased was from a farm and loved her rural life.  Besides going to our refrigerated floral coolers, we also went with knife in hand to the perennial beds.  Her family was presented with phlox, several types of hosta leaves and flowers, Queen Anne's lace, sweet peas, purple coneflower, and privet, along with the carnations, lilies, gladioli and delphinium we had purchased.  The REALLY fresh flowers had been carefully hydrated and cooled prior to their use.  It was just a treat to be able to satisfy the family when they were so vulnerable by being the florist with greenhouses and perennial beds.
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Posted: Friday, July 11, 2008 6:22 PM by crightons


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