Vince Butera at AIFD Symposium
15 July 09 05:16 AM | butera | 0 Comments   
I am wrapping up 5 days in Kansas City MO at the AIFD (American Instututite of Floral Designers) annual symposium. Days jam packed with fabulous floral designs from the finest designers from around the world. It is unbelievable to experience so much education, creative ideas, flowers, friends and more in such a short time span. You will find some of these great ideas trickeling into our shops design concepts soon...especially in the area of weddings. Some of the new trends are VERY EXCITING! I'll try to post photos to go!
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comments from a happy bride!
16 June 09 08:04 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

You have read many of my blogs about the weddings we are producing and how beautiful they are. Yesterday I received an email from a recent bride who got married in May 2009, so I pasted her comments below for you to read.

Here are a few of her floral designs:

Be sure to check out our wedding photo album.


The flowers for the wedding absolutely took my breath away--even Bob was stunned at how much he loved them!! Thank you so much for putting together incredibly beautiful bouquets, centerpieces and decorations. Everyone raved about them and many made lovely Mother's Day presents!! We can't thank you enough for helping to make our wedding so picturesque! It was a pleasure working with you! 
Thanks again!
Stephanie and Bob White
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Vince designs for the Halifax PA Garden Club
11 June 09 11:12 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

Vince Butera AIFD, PFCI was honored to be the featured speaker for the Halifax PA Garden Club for their 50th anniversary celebration on June 9, 2009. "Edutaining" is what I love to do...fusing together educating and entertaining my audience. So, in the one hour time span I chose to create six different fresh floral designs right before their eyes. Starting out with a vivid colored pave piece of sunflowers, roses, hydrangea, thistle, carnations, and more.      After completing the fresh design and explaining it's many uses, I changed it quickly into a great party design by adding a structure of river cane and angel wire.   

Another design was an upright linear piece featuring pincushion protea, liatris and orchids.

Next came a low/linear with a strong focal point of pink protea & green hypericum with extensions of liatris, eucaluptus, pink waxflower and foliage.

 The upright rectangular design captured their attention... a pink glass square vase was filled with foam, then long equesitum was added to define the form, then accented with liatris and bright pink Gerber Daisies along with purple Trechelium as a pillowing base. After finishing the piece, drama was added with the bouncy look of yellow crespedia along with green lilly grass piercing the equesitum. A very fun & youthful look! 

As a finale, Vince created a "tension" design in an oval metal vessel. Aspidistra was laid across the foam and accented with curls of the leaf to add strong movement from one side to the other. Then a stem of cymbidium spray was inserted, arching out of the focal area where three red roses were sunk. Dark purple dendrobium sprays bounced off one side while lily grass danced off the other. The last insertion was three blades of lily grass with a single dendrobium bloom glued toward the end.

 During design shows such as this, Vince not only designs, but also discusses the product, explains the elements and principles of floral design in use, and CERTAINLY has fun with the crowd.

If your group is interested in hosting a floral design symposium, contact me:

Vince Butera AIFD, PFCI 

Butera  The Florist

York, PA 



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Secretary & Administrative Professional day is Wednesday April 22nd.
15 April 09 06:53 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

Where would you be without the help of your administrative assistant?

Honor them during the week of April 20th... and a beautiful way to do that is with a creative floral gift from Butera The Florist. They do exceptional work for you...why give them an ordinary gift!

 Butera The Florist has a range of innovative & creative gifts featuring Orchids, Calla, Gerbera, Hydrangea and much more! AND, they are designed as "one of a kind designs" , not a cookie cutter from a catalog. SO...don't settle for just mums and carnations or a very ordinary look that is ho-hum.

Make a statement with Desk-sized gifts such as:

1) A spray of orchids encased in a glass vessel (from $29.95)

2) A trio of bright Gerbera Daisies in a glass orb (from $24.95)

3) Mokara Orchids in a slender vase (from 29.95)

4) Bird of Paradise in a vase (from 19.95)

5) A bright European Tied bouquet of loose flowers (from $18.95)

6) A low cup glass cup with a single full bloom rose ($10.95)


OR... make a larger statement for the executive area or credenza with creative floral pieces  at a variety of price points from $39.95 to 89.95 & up!    

We also have bright desk sized blooming plants and plant gardens.

Call and place your order early for pick-up or delivery to the office. 

Butera The Florist 178 Leader Heights Rd. York, PA     741.4226     888.741.4226


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Butera The Florist on FOX 43 TV
09 February 09 08:08 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

Vince Butera AIFD, PFCI of Butera The Florist in York, PA will be featured on Better PA on Fox 43.

Melanie Gardner of Fox 43 interviewed Vince on Monday in the studio area of Butera The Florist. The segment will be broadcast on Wednesday Feburary 11 during the 9am show. The segment will focus on creative floral gifts for Valentine's day. Vince and Melanie discussed the variety of floral gifts at Butera The Florist that are in the broad catagories of "Classic", "Stylish",  and "Artistic"; How color, texture and line are used in floral design; the MANY options to the classic "dozen rose vase"; what today's young women appreciate in floral gifts; and more.

You can also catch the segment on the Fox43 website at the following link 

If you would like to order any of the items featured, call us at 888.741.4226. Butera The Florist delivers quality fresh flowers in the entire York, PA area.

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Valentine flowers in York PA
27 January 09 08:49 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

Valentine's day will be here quickly! February 14, 2009 is a Saturday this year, so don't forget to plan ahead.        In fact, you should highly consider having your sweethearts gift delivered on Friday to home or work... that could score you some extra points and be the talk of the office.

Butera The Florist is widely known for our stylish and artistic floral design style, and our extensive selection of fresh cut flowers. We will certainly have beautiful roses to choose from...Red "Royal Majesty" is our featured variety this year, a large vibrant red that is extremely long lasting. We will also have assorted other color roses to choose from such as lavander, peach, yellow, pink & bi-color.

 But many of our clients prefer something different...something Trendy & Stylish... consider these ideas:

  •  Clear glass vessels with Mokara, Cymbidium or Dendrobium orchids inside.
  • Glass orb bowls filled with a mass design of Hydrangea with roses, lilies or other blooms.
  • A mini glass orb bowl with three bright Gerbera daisies & hypericum.
  • DRAMATIC & VIBRANT COLOR PAIRINGS: Try red & orange using roses and tulips, or the dramatic mix of hot pink, orange and lime colors together!
  • Stylish line designs in upright ruby-red glass vessels.
  • Low massed floral designs featuring a lot of texture in glass or ceramic vessels.
  • Choose non-traditional blooms that make a statement such as: Orchids, Hydrangea, Gerbera, Tulip, Conca'Dor or Sorbonne Oriental lily, Bell of Ireland, Mini Calla.
  • Exotic tropical style designs featuring Bird of Paradise, Protea and Orchids.
Tired of the items online that all look the same?...Call us at 888.741.4226 to discuss your valentine gift... rather than mass produce, we individually create each design for you. Let us know what you envision, and we will create it for you! BUT...order early for the best selection.

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Vince Butera AIFD PFCI featured floral designer at Mid Atlantic Garden Show 2009
15 December 08 04:01 PM | butera | 2 Comments   

Vince Butera AIFD PFCI of Butera The Florist will again be the featured floral designer at the Mid Atlantic Garden Show. The 2009 Mid Atlantic Garden Show runs February 27 thru March 1 at the Toyota Arena at the York Expo Center in York PA. The Mid Atlantic Garden Show is one of the five largest Garden Shows on the east coast, and annually draws thousands of attendees.

 During this year's show, Vince will have live floral design symposiums at the Wisteria Lane Stage. The hour long symposiums will showcase current and future trends in floral designs, how professional florists create stunning floral designs, new and exciting varieties of fresh cut flowers, and even how to tips to try at home. Vince's symposiums are part of the general admission to the Garden Show and usually draw quite a crowd. The Design shows will be scheduled at various time during the show. Check the Garden Show's website for the exact schedule.

All floral designs will be on display during the run of the Mid Atlantic Garden show at the booth of Butera The Florist where you can see the designs up close and even discuss them with a professional floral designer.

To see all that the Mid Atlantic Garden Show has to offer, visit their web site at .

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late summer & fall weddings
05 October 08 04:09 PM | butera | 0 Comments   

2008 has certainly been a year for fabulous weddings at Butera The Florist. The season is still in full swing!

August, September and October saw some beautiful floral combinations and floral treatments. I have posted some photo highlights for you to sure to check them out!

The wedding season will wind down in November for us...BUT, if you are planning a 2009 wedding in or around York PA, it is not too early to begin. Our weekends are begining to fill up. Be sure to phone our store to schedule your floral consultation.

Happy wedding planning!

Vince Butera AIFD, PFCI

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2 days...5 weddings!
21 August 08 11:20 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

July 25 & 26, 2008...2 days/ 5 weddings


There are always certain weekends in a florist's year that are busier than usual. As a business that specializes in wedding floral décor, we often wonder what causes certain weekends to be very quiet (maybe just one event) and others that brides keep calling about. While this time of year it is quite normal to do 2 or 3 weddings in a weekend, this particular weekend we had 3 scheduled on Friday and 2 for Saturday.


Here is a recap of three of the five:


The coolers were filled with a wide assortment of beautiful flowers...each bride has her own style, and we at Butera The Florist do our best to fulfill her dreams!


Maggie was one of the Friday weddings...she wanted a tropical island feel.

We chose the combination of Hot pink, vivid orange and citrus green colors, and worked with roses, Mokara orchids, jade trechelium and green hypericum in the handtied bouquets.



The pergola at Heritage was decorated with the same vivid colors, in addition to the billowing tulle.           

A beautiful setting that was flavored with the steel drum playing the ceremony music!


Moving into the pavilion, the guest tables were alive with vivid orbs and orchids...some low, some elevated, some hot pink with orange, some orange with citrus green...FUN, FUN, FUN!!!


Saturday started at St. Patrick's Church for Becky's wedding.

The classic elegant altar was accented by two flowing designs.


Becky chose a full, flowing cascade Bridal Bouquet of all white featuring roses, orchids and stephanotis.


Her attendants carried handtied bouquets of three varieties of roses; esperance, cool water & lovely Lydia, with a few pink cymbidium orchids.

The same color feel was designed into the very classic table centerpieces for her reception at the Country Club of York.


The same three varieties of roses were used, along with red grapes and ivy. A trio of candles finished off the classic décor. A matching waterfall design was placed on the sweetheart table.


For our fifth and final wedding event of the weekend, Katie wanted bright and happy...and what better than "sunrich gold" sunflowers, skyline roses, yellow mini calla, accented with  green hypericum and jade trechelium.


Her outdoor ceremony at Box Hill was punctuated with a picture-perfect day (sorry, I don't get the credit for that!)       


You can see other wedding photos by checking out the photo section on this blog.


August is also a very busy wedding month at Butera The Florist...keep checking in for more photos and commentary.

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Summer Magazines feature Vince Butera AIFD, PFCI
21 August 08 10:47 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

Vince Butera AIFD, PFCI has had a very busy summer season. In addition to running daily operations and a very full 2008 wedding season at Butera The Florist in York, PA, He has been tapped by magazines to discuss creative uses of flowers to consumers and professional florists.


The August issue of Floral Management magazine, a publication of Society of American Florists featured designs created by Vince in it's monthly column "Business of Design". The article featured carnations... a flower that has been snubbed by many, but has many wonderful uses, beautiful colors, is long lasting, and VERY cost effective! Vince is a firm believer that any flower can be used creatively...anyone can take a unique bloom and make an impressive arrangement, a floral artist can take an ordinary bloom and create an extraordinary design.


Your can view the article by using the following link:



Reaching consumers in the York, PA market,  SMART magazine featured Vince in his design studio creating simple but stunning floral pieces that can be made at home. His orb vessel of Hydrangeas, Conca ‘Dor lilies, roses and lily grass was the front cover. You can view this design and others, in addition to the entire article by using this link:



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Job opportunities at Butera The Florist
12 August 08 06:18 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

Butera The Florist is currently seeking creative and energetic people to fill a few positions in our store.

Floral Designer

    Ability to create various styles of floral designs. Training or experience prefered.  Full or Part time available.


Customer Service/ floral assistant:

    A creative eye and a willingness to assist clients to find the perfect floral gift. Various in store responsibilities such as floral processing, retail stocking, event delivery, etc. Full or Part time.


If you are interested, contact us for an application:

Butera The Florist

178 Leader Heights RD.

York, PA 17402



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Even on vacation!
30 July 08 01:04 PM | butera | 1 Comments   

Even on vacation!


Our family has been blessed to spend part of our summers on an idyllic island in Downeast Maine. Most people don't get it, but going to the same place every year gives you a sense of belonging, stability, a constant in an ever-changing world. You count life a little more long term when every summer for the past thirty-some you arrive to a place that little has actually is a bit too much like "Brigadoon" sometimes. But the beauty of God's creation totally envelopes you constantly


So usually during the few weeks the family is living on Swan's Island, I return to York, PA to work sometime...a busy wedding weekend or the like ( like this past weekend where we produced five gorgeous wedding events...see our next blog!)

The fun thing for me is to return to the island with a few boxes of fresh flowers. Some to make simple bouquets to give as gifts to friends, others to grace our home, and still more to "get creative" in an outdoor studio with the coastal breeze phones, no interruptions, no $30 orders to be finished in 10 minutes while the driver waits...just flowers, time, and nature as inspiration.


This time I returned to Swan's Island in time for the annual Sweet Chariot Music Festival...a coraborative effort of some very fine folk musicians from around the country. The first night is a dress rehearsal performance of sorts for the island people done in a more informal manner. The show producer wanted a "campfire" to sing around...but this venue is a huge wooden structure, so no fire! I looked down and saw in my buckets a campfire with sunflowers, red safari sunset, orange mokara orchids, red hypericum, and more. So, what floral designer could resist?!



I took an antique brass pot and surrounded it with birch logs and charred logs to create the base, then had an explosion of the fresh flowers to create the flames.

Extending out of the main design was long  birch branches that we pierced sunflower petals to imitate sparks.



With some nice lighting, the musicians looked like they had a warm glow shining on them.


Even on vacation, a floral designer can work with flowers, and still be on vacation!

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York PA Weddings 2008
23 June 08 09:38 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

The wedding season has been bustling  here at Butera The Florist.  We have been occupied so much with them every week that this is in fact the first time I have had a chance to post photos and commentary. Here are some of the highlights from the past two weeks...

It seems that daisies are the hot flower during June here in York. Michelle and Mike chose the pure white garden daisy as their signature flower for their June 14th wedding.

The bridal bouquet was a handtied design of solely daisies with just a hint of buplerum, while the attendants bouquets also featured a mix of white daisies with bright yellow Gerbera.


Daisies were added to the church pew bows of tulle and filled the altar table area

The quests were greeted at their reception tables with glass orb bowls filled the brides favorite flower! It was a perfect accent to the reception held in a tent on a summer afternoon at the Bride's family home.


Later that same day we were showing Holly her bridal bouquet of daisies...this time it was deep burgundy Gerbera with beautiful Chablis roses, deep red alsortemeria and jade hypericum.


Holly's attendants carried coordinated bouquets of light peach Gerbera, dark red alstroemeria and jade hypericum.



Allison's June 14 wedding featured the hot vibrant colors. We paired Starfighter lilies, purple lisianthus, Hot Princess roses and of course hot pink Gerbera with the hit of bright jade button mums! It was a vivid punch of color against the attendants black a-line gowns.

Her reception at the Stone Mill Inn featured a beautiful cake adorned by petals of Hot Princess roses.



Of the four wedding events on June 21, one bride chose an abundance of the popular daisies!

Jennifer chose a combination of crisp white daisies and pink Sorbonne lilies with solidago and waxflower as her first day of summer bridal bouquet, whlie her attendants carried complimentary bouquets of white daisies with pink alstroemeria, solidago and waxflower...a happy summery look against the aqua blue gowns.

Cinda chose the soft romantic look with creamy Vandella roses paired with lavander blooms of Phlox, Freesia and Campanula in a handtied design.


Cinda's attendants carried the lavander colors of freesia, campanula and Cool Water roses along with lanander Daisies.


Ashlin wanted her first day of Summer wedding to be bright and happy...the weather cooperated and so did her flowers!


Her bridal bouquet was a tight mound of cornflower blue hydrangea with pale yellow roses and yellow freesia.

As always, every bride has a dream for the look and feel of her wedding... our priority is to translate that into flowers and help to make her dream come true! It is always a privledge to be a part of so many weddings in York.

Best wishes to all our bridal clients! 

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Fresh flowers for Mom in York, PA!
06 May 08 10:44 AM | butera | 0 Comments   

The coolers are fully stocked with some of the brightest and freshest flowers available. Of course Butera The Florist has the classic mixes if that is what mom prefers... baskest or vases filled with an assortment of bright blooms like Daisies, Carnation, Roses, Alstroemeria, and many more...

BUT... why not consider something different? Something that we at Butera The Florist is widly known for! Fresh Floral Designs with style!

We can create something classic but with flair, such as the French Country Hedge with larkspur, roses, campanula, sunflower & more.

Looking for something simple but chic? Try our Simply Orchid design...a glass vessel with swirling grasses and stems of long lasting Cymbidium, Dendrobium or Mokara orchids.

We as always have a variety of organically designed arrangements such as our glass orb filled with swirling grasses and willow inside the vessel and fragrant blooms mounded on top. A green alternative to foam based floral designs.

Loose flowers abound in our Mediterranian flower market...Try Antique Hydrangea, Godetia, Conca Dor & Sarbonne lilies, PA grown Gerbera, and so many more you must see them!

If you're from out of the York area and want to send your mother some of our distinctive flowers, call us toll free; 888.741.4226.

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Don't just give mom flowers...GIVE HER DISTINCTIVE FLORAL DESIGN!
15 April 08 01:30 PM | butera | 0 Comments   

Just in time for Mother's day, Butera The Florist is scheduling " Evening with the Florist"  open registration evenings. Evening with the Florist is our own in-store floral design event... It's fun, it's educational, it's's "Edutainment"!


In the design studio section of our store, Vince Butera AIFD, PFCI will take the audience on a floral design journey. He will demonstrate a variety of styles, discuss various products, show professional techniques...all while creating a number of fresh floral designs in front of you.

"Evening with the Florist" has previously only been scheduled for closed groups, The open registration evenings are scheduled for individuals or small groups. Current available dates are Thursday May 15 and Tuesday June 3. The show begins at 6:30pm.

Reservations are now being accepted with advance registrations... the fee is $55.00 per person. Light refreshments will be available, and you are welcome to also bring your own if you wish. Our cafe tables seat 4 each, and we have a maximum attendance of 16.

This will be an evening Mom won't soon forget... and you can even enjoy it with her! Call our store for further details and to make your reservation. 717.741.4226 or 888.741.4226

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