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Rockies Sweep Pays Off in Flowers for Charity

The Denver Post davidson

DENVER, CO October 12, 2007 -- On Thursday morning, Bouquets owners BJ Dyer and Guenther Vogt received the payoff on their successful wager against the owners of Philadelphia's Kremp Florist. Both florists bet a box of locally-grown posies on the outcome of the Rockies' series with the Phillies.

"The sweep by our home team put a permanent grin on my face," said Dyer "And now it's time to pass on my joy to those in need." Bouquets incorporated the payoff flowers, fresh from the City of Brotherly Love, into special bouquets to accompany meals delivered by Project Angel Heart this week. Dyer is the president of the non-profit agency that annually delivers over 350,000 nutritious "meals with love" for people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses in Denver and Colorado Springs. 

As Colorado prepares to take on Arizona for the National League Championship, Dyer and Vogt are negotiating the details for their next wager, this time with Ken Young of Phoenix Flower Shops, located a few miles from Chase Field. Young anticipates receiving a similar payoff this week of Wrigley's Field Ivy plants from a Chicago florist located blocks from the Cubs' ballpark. "Ken's a confident Diamondbacks fan, so we're pushing him for a maximum ante to back-up his team," attests Vogt. "We've proposed a myriad of possibilities. Free flowers for Rockies fans living in Phoenix is a strong possibility," Vogt said .

Eight florists, members of Society of American Florists, from the cities with playoff teams all agreed to a wager on the outcome of the World Series. Should their team take a final spot, the loser of the series has agreed to work for a weekend in the winner's flower shop, including the creation of a grand floral arrangement to congratulate the 2007 World Series Championship team. "We're setting up a design table in our store window so Denver fans can watch Rick Canale of Boston's Exotic Flowers design that flower bouquet for the Rockies," taunts Dyer, still smiling.

Bouquets, established in 1985, is an award-winning florist with locations in Denver, Belmar and Beaver Creek. Their LoDo store at 15th and Wazee Streets is just blocks from Coors Field.

# # #


Ken Young - PHOENIX FLOWER SHOPS, Scottsdale, kyoung@phxemail.net 602-469-7800

Rick Canale - EXOTIC FLOWERS Boston, rick@exoticflowers.com 800-706-1200

Chad Kremp - KREMP FLORIST, Philadelphia, chk@kremp.com 800-345-7367

Rick Fracci - FRACCI FLORIST, Cleveland, fracciflorist@sbcglobal.net 440-255-7673

October 4, 2007 - Denver Post Blogs - Joanne Davidson - Rox n' roses
October 5, 2007 - The Rocky Mountain News - Penny Parker - Pennsylvania Guv balks at Ritter's offer of wager
October 4, 2007 - FOX 10 News at 5:30 - Phoenix, Arizona - MP4 file available on request.

October 11, 2007 – MMD Newswire - Boston http://www.mmdnewswire.com/exotic-flowers-bets-red-sox-cll-lilies-ginst-clevelnd-florist-2371.html

October 11, 2007 - KTAR News Phoenix

October 12, 2007 – Denver Post Blogs – Joanne Davidson – It’s Payoff Time

October 121, 2007 - Rocky Mountain News Day in Pictures 

SAF eBrief 10/3/07

SAF eBrief 10/10/07 

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Posted Friday, October 12, 2007 11:02 PM by bouquets | 1 Comments

Playoff Wagers Not Just Meat and Beer

Denver Post Society Editor includes SAF Florists' bets in her blog.

Check out: Rox 'n Roses 

Just for fun, while you're there, also check out the blog entry "A Fine Kettle of Fish "

I can hardly wait to see the payoff from Kremp Florist arrive at Bouquets.

The florists involved are:

Colorado Rockies -
Bouquets / BJ Dyer 800-825-6768
Philadelphia Phillies -
Kremp Florist / Chad Kremp 800-345-7367

Arizona Diamondbacks -
Phoenix Flower Shops / Ken Young 602-840-2604
Chicago Cubs -
Ashland Addison Florist Co. / Bill Sheffield 312-432-1800

NY Yankees -
Irene Hayes Wadley & Smithe LeMoult Florists / Dean Georges 212-247-0051
Cleveland Indians -
Fracci Florist / Rick Fracci 440-255-7673

Boston Red Sox -
Exotic Flowers / Rick Canale 800-706-1200
Los Angeles Angels -
Jacob Maarse Florist / Hank Maarse 626-449-0246 

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Posted Wednesday, October 03, 2007 2:35 PM by bouquets | (Comments Off)

Dendrobium Chuppa

Dendrobium orchids are the current Featured Flower for Florist Blogs. 


I wanted to share how Bouquets used Dendrobium blossoms to enhance a wedding Chuppa:

Friedman 090306 004

The blossoms were dipped in Crowning Glory, an anti-transpirant, to help them survive the sun and dry Colorado air.  Each blossom was glued to the white tulle with Oasis brand Floral Adhesive.  It was simple, ethereal, and very pretty:

Friedman 090306 002

Note the "Chuppa-cam" in the back corner:

Friedman 090306 003

Behind the ceremony site, we installed a hand-painted backdrop of clouds against a blue sky.  You can see that the sky color is actually pretty close to the color of the real Colorado sky just above it.  The synagogue courtyard where the wedding took place was less than an ideal setting, visually, so reflecting the bride's "clouds in a Colorado sky" wedding theme, this worked out as a great solution:

Friedman 090306 001 Friedman 090306 019

Friedman 090306 012


Friedman 090306 017Friedman 090306 018

For the reception inside, we constructed umbrellas with cloud fabric and suspended them above the guest tables:

Friedman 090306 015Friedman 090306 016 Friedman 090306 007Friedman 090306 021

Centerpieces interpreted the Colorado sandstone plateau of Four Corners National Monument near Mesa Verde National Park:

Friedman 090306 005 Friedman 090306 006

There's our sandstone AND our blue skies with clouds

The bride's bouquet played with the same Indian wildflower theme:

Friedman 090306 010 Friedman 090306 020

Even,a miniature Canyonlands to present escort cards:

Friedman 090306 013 Friedman 090306 014



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Posted Saturday, September 22, 2007 1:47 PM by bouquets | 2 Comments

Autumn Mountain Wedding in Beaver Creek Colorado

So the bride's big request was a wall of flowers behind her ceremony.  Here's the result.  How did we do?


It seemed a shame to leave the flowers behind when the guests went to dinner, so, knowing that the bandstand was 24' wide, I designed the wall in three 8' wide segments.  The first 4' tall segment sitting on the ground, the second just behind it elevated 18" taller, and the third behind that, raised 36" above the ground. The whole wall stood 7' tall.

After the ceremony, during cocktails, we transferred all the pieces to the ballroom, placing the segments horizontally now, rather than stacking vertically. This created a 24' wide hedge in front of the bandstand.  The composition appeared so different, most guests didn't even realize they were seeing the same flowers:

IMGP9770 IMGP9744

We try to create as much value for our clients as possible.  Re-using flowers effectively adds value because we get twice the decor for the same cost.


Click on any photo to see a larger view.


The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch is such a gorgeous venue in the Vail Valley.  Alisa, the Ritz's wedding coordinator was wonderful to work with.

This Vail Valley resort is perfect for a summer or autumn outdoor wedding.  This was on the hotel's "Mountain Terrace" situated between the slope side of the building and the ski lift:

IMGP9694 IMGP9699

The simple chair decor added that little extra touch:

IMGP9683 IMGP9686

The mothers carried nosegays rather than wearing corsages.  Isn't Debbie the most gorgeous mother-of-the-groom?

IMGP9703 IMGP9704


Here is Lauren's "wall of bridesmaids" to go with our floral wall. 

Ten beauties in espresso.  The classic "little brown dress":


Do you, Christopher, take Lauren to be your lawfully wedded wife?....

(he did)


Cocktail table flowers with the ski lift in the background:


The bride and her family:

IMGP9735 IMGP9741

The newlyweds:

IMGP9753 IMGP9742

On to the reception.  Wedding cake in front of the dance floor:


Centerpieces were 36" diameter on oversized tables, very low for great conversation.  The amber ambiance came from peach lighting we added to the room.  The whole place had a warm glow:

IMGP9764 IMGP9768

IMGP9775 IMGP9812

Bouquets provided mocha shimmer crush tablecloths and top-qualilty ivory damask napkins in three different patterns.  Here is the satin stripe napkin in a cummerbund fold:

IMGP9788 IMGP9805

Guests procured their table assignments from an escort card table, 6foot diameter. The bubble bowl is 16" diameter and takes two people to carry.  The bridesmaids enhanced the setting with their 10 bouquets:


We tied silk bands on every chair, finished with a gorgeous knot:

IMGP9777 IMGP9810

These columns towered almost 12' tall:


The last view as guests exited a magical night.


At Bouquets, we LOVE weddings. Can you see how we express our love though floral artistry?



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Posted Saturday, September 22, 2007 11:43 AM by bouquets | 7 Comments