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09 April 2010

Battle of the Flower Designers: Championship Round

We've made our way up through the March Madness Battle of the Flower Designers brackets and are now in the Championship Round! Videos have been uploaded both from our Anaheim flower shop:


And the team from Belvedere Flowers in Philadelphia PA:


Cast your vote here.

Each finalist was allowed to present a 'designer's choice' arrangement and we used the Glee cast's version of 'Defying Gravity' as the inspiration for our finale entry. (Can you tell how much we love Glee since we used music from the show in each of our videos?)

The arrangement features gorgeous pastel tropical flowers from Green Point Nurseries including upright and hanging heliconias, ginger, king proteas, anthuriums and monstera, ti and areca palm leaves. My favorite accent materials were the epidendron orchids cut right from our garden. 

Battle of the Flower Designers Finale 


The prop to hang our suspended design is truly vintage since my husband Phil had it custom built in 1978 when he competed in the Atlanta Invitational Competition. (I think that makes the prop older than Adam from Belvedere. Ha!)

The entire design, more than 5 feet in overall height and 3 1/2 feet in width, is constructed in an Oasis CORSO Holder (a 1/2 block of caged floral foam) so the large stems and sheer volume of flowers presented a real challenge. And then there was the weight balancing issue to further push the limits.

It was fun to include my family at the end of the video. They inspire me to do my very best every day and I am truly blessed in so many ways.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the 'families' from both the flower shop and the floral design school who truly contribute to our success every day. So here's a big thanks to Gordon (camera-man extraordinaire), Judi, Nid, Manny, Mary, Phan and Darlynn for all you do. Your commitment to delivering 'Wow' shows in everything you touch.

This competition has been great fun and we're delighted to have been able to showcase part of our design thought processes - and to share our passion for unique floral designs.     



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# Battle of the Flower Designers Championship said:

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09 April 10 at 11:13 PM
# janet said:

I just voted for you!  Good luck!

10 April 10 at 8:11 AM
# Brittany Flowers said:

Oh wow, I love the defy gravity concept! Both designs are awesome, but I really loved your design, it is so fun and creative.  I just spent last week getting to use flowers from Green Point, wow, talk about fantastic product and quality! This March Madness should go viral, and become an annual event for the floral industry, just a whole lot of fun.

12 April 10 at 7:49 PM
# Gordon (video cameraman) said:

I am amazed that such an elegant arrangement of florals could be placed in only a half block of foam, to make such a vivid statement.  The gentle curvature of the Palm Tube, up thru the soaring Gingers, along with the anthuriums and other florals made me worry about balance.  No Problem !  Balance was the issue, and Floral Design was the solution.  Cathy, once again blew me away with her design excelence in creating and presenting a wining presentation.   I stand again in awe........!!  

12 April 10 at 10:10 PM
# Lark said:

After looking at both, and they are equally beautiful creations, I felt Cathy's design was very elegant, flowing and had that "WOW" affect.  Very nice Cathy, good luck!

13 April 10 at 1:06 PM
# avantegardens said:

@Janet - Thanks for your vote!

@Brittany Flowers - We LOVE Green Point's tropicals and the quality is superb.

@Gordon - Couldn't have done it without you and your great camera work. :)

@Lark - Thanks. :) We really do aim for WOW every time, even on the small stuff.  

13 April 10 at 5:25 PM
# Carolyn Worssam said:


WOW, WOW, WOW. Absolutely beautiful.  Great to see you and the family. Anna looks like she has grown a few inches. Please give her and Phil my best and yes I voted for you.


13 April 10 at 8:02 PM
# Amanda said:

I also just voted for you!! LOVE IT!!! It looks as if you are going to win.

13 April 10 at 10:51 PM
# Leslie Armendariz said:

Awesome work as always Cathy.

Both a beautiful and technical work of Floral Art..

16 May 10 at 7:58 PM
# avantegardens said:

@Carolyn @Amanda and @Leslie -

Thanks!!!!! We were thrilled to have won the 2010 Battle of the Flower Designers and thank you for your votes and comments.

Now, it really is time for me to retire from floral design competitions once and for all. I truly hope you young folks step up and participate next year.

20 May 10 at 8:24 AM
# Battle of the Flower Designers Championship | The Ultimates said:

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06 September 10 at 5:28 AM

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